005 Where Did Life Come From

Where did life on earth come from? How can life come from nothing? In this episode, we dive deep into the chemical evolution behind abiogenesis to discover how life emerged here on earth.

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Freidrich Wohler synthesized urea
Alexander Oparin – The Origin of Life
Historian Fred Spire’s definition of life
Fransisco Redi’s jar experiment
Louis Pasteur’s flask experiment
Darwin Speculating about the primordial soup
Conduction The Miller-Urey Experiment
Dr. Jennifer Blank simulating meteor impacts
Martin Hanczyc creating protocells
Craig Venter unveils the first cell with synthetic DNA
Science vs. Evolution (Futurama clip)
Professor Jack Szostak’s (Harvard) Lectures on Abiogenesis
Stated Clearly: The RNA World Hypothesis
Nova Documentary on The Origin of Life
The Oldest Fossils & Signs of Life
Research on naturally occurring Ribozymes
Ribozymes that create nucleotides
Extremophiles discovered in deep-sea vents & thriving in sulfuric acid
Bob Hazen simulating deep sea vents
Dr. Nicholas Hud (Georgia Tech) altering RNA (attempting to create proto-RNA)
RNA behaving differently in the presence of iron & absence of oxygen
Stated Clearly: Life’s Major Evolutionary Transitions
Stated Clearly: Chemical Evolution
Aron Ra: Abiogenesis
John Sutherland synthesizes nucleotides in a lab simulation
Dr. Nicholas Hud: Spontaneous nucleotide formation

“If a probable solution, consistent with the ordinary course of nature, can be found, we must not invoke an abnormal act of Creative Power.” – Lord Kelvin

“…a universe with no edge in space, no beginning or end in time, and nothing for a creator to do.” – Carl Sagan


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