006 What makes some things so cute?

This week we’re looking at the science of cute! What makes some animals and babies so adorable? Why was this so important for our survival? What is the cutest animal in the world? And maybe along the way we get a little off track and end up discussing… well, a little bit of everything! It’s a fun one!

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The Cute Factor: The New York Times

Cuteness: Wikipedia 

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How Cute Things Hijack Our Brains and Drive Behaviour 

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The Science of Cute

The Science of Cuteness – How Do We PPerceiveCute?: The University of Melbourne 

When We See Something Cute, Why Do We Want To Squeeze It?: National Geographic 

Why Babies and Other Things Are Cute, Explained: Stuff You Should Know

What Makes Some Things So Cute - The Here and How Podcast - Adorable Meerkat

Further Reading

The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson (Not directly related to cute stuff, but referenced in Podcast)

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What Makes Some Things So Cute - The Here and How Podcast - Red Panda Eating

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