What Killed the Dinosaurs?

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016 What Killed the Dinosaurs? This week we look at various scientific theories (and evidence) as to why the dinosaurs went extinct (the story has changed!). And as a bonus, we scratch the surface of mass-extinction as a whole. https://youtu.be/z_nhyydbBzU Watch this episode on YouTube References: 1). PBS asteroid hypotheses: [...]

Are You Being Manipulated?

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015 Are You Being Manipulated? This week we’re going to be looking at consumer psychology, buyer behaviour and how marketers and advertisers take advantage of this. Some might say you’re being manipulated… but that’s up to you to decide! We'll be looking at some of the little tricks and techniques used to [...]

Will Robots Replace Us?

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014 Will Robots Replace Us? What is the future of artificial intelligence? Will our new robot overlords wipe us out? Will we live in man-machine harmony and live in a futuristic utopia? Or will the bots just take our jobs and leave most of us homeless? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSxehH5FZTs Watch this episode on YouTube [...]

How Do You Date a Rock?

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013 How Do You Date a Rock? How do you date a rock? For that matter, how to you date anything? Within this episode we look at the science of dating the age of the earth, and to some extent the moon, planets and solar system. https://youtu.be/v16uIcOeg6w Watch this episode on YouTube [...]

Do We Have A Sixth Sense?

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012 Do We Have A Sixth Sense? Today we're looking at the human body and our senses! What is a sense? How many senses do we have? Are there just 5 basic senses or does it get a bit more complicated than that? As kids we're always taught you have 5 senses: [...]

Do you have a soul?

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011 Do You Have a Soul? What is mind-body dualism? Explore the science of the mind and discover what science can tell us about the existence (or non-existence) of the soul. We'll explore Descartes' proposition of mind-body dualism and the holes in his reasoning. We'll ask what the soul is and what [...]

Do We Have Free Will?

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010 Do We Have Free Will? Did you choose to read this text? Did you choose to watch/listen to this video? And, more importantly, did you choose to be interested in this video? Within this episode, we answer these questions and more, as we ask the age-old question "Do we have free [...]

Are Psychics Real?

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008 Are Psychics Real? Explore the techniques used by psychics. Learn the tricks/methods of psychics, why it's a scam, and what the harm is. Be on your guard for psychic trickery, because they can be pretty devious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0tHkXxTLJ8 Watch this episode on YouTube References: Rationality Rules' Astrology Video Rachel Oates [...]

Is Homosexuality Natural?

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007 Is Homosexuality Natural? This week we’re asking the potent question “Is homosexuality natural?” Do other animals display homosexual tendencies? Is there any scientific proof that it’s natural? Where does the claim come from? For the answers to these questions and many more, tune in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyJs2ua8Jzk Watch this Episode on YouTube [...]