Can we Memorize Everything?

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022 Can we Memorize Everything? How does human memory work? Can we improve our memories to remember more, to learn things faster, and to retain it longer? Discover the history of memory and learn how you can memorize anything. Watch the episode on YouTube References: Scientific Studies: Subjects told [...]

Where’s the Missing Link? Human Evolution

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021 Where's the Missing Link? Where’s the missing link between us humans and our supposedly fellow apes? From australopithecus afarensis to homo neanderthalensis, in this episode we investigate and discuss the many fossils of our ancestors. References: Encyclopedia Britannica: human evolution: National Museum of Natural Histroy: Introduction to [...]

Can we predict the future? The Science of Forecasting

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020 Can We Predict the Future? Can we predict the future? Explore the history and science of prophecy, psychic predictions, future simulations, and science-based forecasting. How can we accurately determine the future? What works and what doesn't? Watch this episode on YouTube References: Methods of Divination List of End [...]

How Do Animals Defend Themselves?

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019 How Do Animals Defend Themselves? This week we're talking about animals! How do animals defend themselves in the wild, how and why did they evolve these traits and what we can learn from them. Watch this episode on YouTube References: BBC Nature: Animal and Plant Adaptations and Behaviours  DAWN: Amazing [...]

What is Happiness?

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018 What is Happiness? This week we're looking at the science of happiness - what does it mean to be happy? Who has studied happiness? And is there a way you can assure happiness? Watch this episode on YouTube References: Happify: The Science of Happiness  HuffPost: A History of [...]

What Killed the Dinosaurs?

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016 What Killed the Dinosaurs? This week we look at various scientific theories (and evidence) as to why the dinosaurs went extinct (the story has changed!). And as a bonus, we scratch the surface of mass-extinction as a whole. Watch this episode on YouTube References: 1). PBS asteroid hypotheses: [...]

Are You Being Manipulated?

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015 Are You Being Manipulated? This week we’re going to be looking at consumer psychology, buyer behaviour and how marketers and advertisers take advantage of this. Some might say you’re being manipulated… but that’s up to you to decide! We'll be looking at some of the little tricks and techniques used to [...]

Will Robots Replace Us?

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014 Will Robots Replace Us? What is the future of artificial intelligence? Will our new robot overlords wipe us out? Will we live in man-machine harmony and live in a futuristic utopia? Or will the bots just take our jobs and leave most of us homeless? Watch this episode on YouTube [...]