The Future of Virtual Reality

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031 What are the Boundaries of Virtual Reality? What is the future for Virtual Reality? How far has virtual reality and augmented reality come in the last few decades? In what ways are VR and AR currently being used? What are the dangers and pitfalls of VR, and what are the boundaries [...]

Is Abortion OK?

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030 Is Abortion OK? This week's episode might be a bit controversial but is probably one of the most important episodes we've done - we discuss some of the key scientific, moral, legal and emotional issue in the abortion debate, including taking a big look at how the laws differ between countries [...]

What Do We Know?

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029 What Do We Know? What is knowledge? Is it a subset of belief, or is belief a subset of knowledge? Can we know anything for certain? Join us as we ask these questions and more within this episode. Watch this episode on YouTube References: What is epistemology? Wiki [...]

The Science Of Demon Possession

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028 Has Science Debunked Demons? Discover the science and history of demon possession. What's going on in the brain and what kind of conditions lead to people acting possessed. Is demon possession a real, supernatural phenomenon, or is something else going on? Watch this episode on YouTube References: Vilma [...]

Should We Drink Alcohol?

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027 Should We Drink Alcohol? What is alcohol? How long have humans been drinking it and why? Drinking is pretty common amongst many groups of people but how does it affect your body and brain? Is a glass of wine every day actually good for you or is it going to harm [...]

Can Computers Steal Your Face?

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025 Can Computers Steal your Face? Can a computer perfectly impersonate a human? Explore the future of identity theft and identity protection. Discover how computer software can already mimic the human face and voice and explore the negative and positive future ramifications of such A.I. capabilities. Watch this episode on YouTube [...]

Are You A Psychopath?

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024 Are You A Psychopath? What is a psychopath? How are they different from a sociopath? What's the neurology behind it and how can we tests for psychopathy? We're asking all the big questions today! Watch this episode on YouTube References: BetterHelp: Psychopathy  BetterHelp: Sociopath Definition and Symptoms  BetterHelp: [...]

Can we Memorize Everything?

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022 Can we Memorize Everything? How does human memory work? Can we improve our memories to remember more, to learn things faster, and to retain it longer? Discover the history of memory and learn how you can memorize anything. Watch the episode on YouTube References: Scientific Studies: Subjects told [...]