Are Psychics Real?

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Episode 8: Are Psychics Real? Explore the techniques used by psychics. Learn the tricks/methods of psychics, why it's a scam, and what the harm is. Be on your guard for psychic trickery, because they can be pretty devious. Watch this episode on Youtube. References: Rationality Rules' Astrology [...]

Is Homosexuality Natural?

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Is Homosexuality Natural? This week we’re asking the potent question “Is homosexuality natural?” Do other animals display homosexual tendencies? Is there any scientific proof that it’s natural? Where does the claim come from? For the answers to these questions and many more, tune in! Watch this episode [...]

Where did life come from?

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Episode 5: Where Did Life Come From Where did life on earth come from? How can life come from nothing? In this episode, we dive deep into the chemical evolution behind abiogenesis to discover how life emerged here on earth. Watch this episode on Youtube. References: Freidrich [...]

Is the earth flat?

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Episode 4: Is the Earth Flat? What shape is the earth? How do we know that the earth isn't flat? How exactly can we use objective, verifiable science to prove such a theory? In this episode, we take on flat-earthers and explain how we can prove the earth is round (technically an [...]

What makes you, you?

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Episode 3: What Makes You, You? Today we're looking at identity and the biology, psychology, and sociology behind what makes you, you? What makes up your identity and how much of an influence do others have on it? Are we purely physical beings made up of cells and chemicals and other squidgy bits, or [...]

Where are all the Aliens?

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Episode 2: Where are all the aliens? Where are all the aliens? Explore the Drake Equation & the Fermi Paradox. Do intelligent, broadcasting alien civilizations exist in our galaxy, and if so, why haven’t we encountered them yet? Or have we? REFERENCES: 1). The mentioned WIKI article: 2). Run your own Drake Equation [...]

Who Created Science?

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Episode 1: Who Created Science? Who created science, if anyone? Where did science come from, and what existed before science? What's the difference between good science and bad science? And Why does it matter? In this episode, we'll dive deep into the history of science! REFERENCES: 1). The mentioned WIKI article: [...]