Our Backstory

Stephen Woodford, Rachel Oates, and Thomas Westbrook got started as video creators (you may have seen Rationality Rules, Rachel Oates, and Holy Koolaid) trying to promote curiosity, rationality, and critical thinking while fighting against oppressive dogma. The Here and How Podcast is our way of sharing big ideas that we discover with our fans, encouraging them to dive in, drink deep, and then go out and create a freaking amazing future. The universe is too cool not to learn about. By discovering how we got here, we can figure out where we want to go, and then make that journey happen!

Meet the Hosts

Rachel Oates
Rachel Oates(Rachel Oates)
I started studying a BSc in Biomedical Science but graduated with a BSc in Business with a focus on Marketing & Consumer Behaviour. Since then, I started my Youtube channel to talk about science, theology, books & social issues!
My main interests are human biology, psychology & nature.
Thomas Westbrook
Thomas Westbrook(Holy Koolaid)
Thomas Westbrook, the founder of Holy Koolaid LLC, is a world traveler & autodidact. He grew up in a former Soviet, Muslim country, speaks 3 languages, and is learning his 4th. He graduated with honors from Texas A&M with a double major in International Studies & Russian with a Political Science concentration. He went on to work in IT for 5 years as a security administrator & web developer while simultaneously working on his own tech startup before becoming a full-time media producer and science communicator.
Stephen Woodford
Stephen Woodford(Rationality Rules)
Stephen Woodford is the founder of the YouTube channel Rationality Rules.

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

Carl Sagan


How did we get here? Uncover how we got here – all the way from the big bang, right up to the scientific breakthroughs that made our interwebs possible.


Discover current and future technology – doing things that you didn’t even know was possible!

Big Ideas

Will robots replace us? Is love purely chemicals? Should we re-create life in a lab? Why haven’t aliens visited us yet… (or have they)?

The Future

What does humanity’s future hold, and what steps can we take to save it, make it better, and get there faster?

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