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The Here and How is a weekly, science-based podcast where we discover mind-blowing facts about how we got here – from the Big Bang all the way up to last week’s science breakthroughs.

Where did we come from?

And where are we going?

We then take these ideas and try to figure out where we’re going. Curiosity fuels creativity. Let’s dare to be curious and make our planet freaking amazing!

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023 Did The Universe Come From Nothing?

Did the universe come from nothing? What is the big bang? What does the evidence say? In this episode, we explore the most important […]

022 Can we Memorize Everything?

How does human memory work? Can we improve our memories to remember more, to learn things faster, and to retain it longer? Discover the history of […]

021 Where’s the Missing Link?

Where’s the missing link between us humans and our supposedly fellow apes? From australopithecus afarensis to homo neanderthalensis, in this episode we investigate and discuss the […]

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

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Discover current and future technology – doing things that you didn’t even know were possible!

Big Ideas

Will robots replace us? Is love purely chemicals? Should we re-create life in a lab? Why haven’t aliens visited us yet… (or have they)?


How did we get here? Uncover how we got here – all the way from the Big Bang, right up to the scientific breakthroughs that made our interwebs possible.

The Future

What does humanity’s future hold, and what steps can we take to save it, make it better, and get there faster?

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